Another homeless dream

Eugh I hate these.

We were in the tent again.

This time it was a nice grassy glade against the bottom of a mountain. But still just tents. I spent a lot of time in the dream organizing all our stuff, trying to decorate, to make it look nice and feel like a real home. My parents were impressed -- then it rained, and everything was ruined. All my possessions were drowned.

Time skipped to the future, where the grass was gone and everything was a gray wasteland, post-apocalyptic. Giant flan monsters from Final Fantasy were everywhere. They spotted us and began to slowly approach. I had telekinetic powers and I could lift my parents and I up and away with only some of our possessions.

Then Zoe was there -- with her huge saucer eyes and plaintive mew -- but I knew she was already dead. I said, "I love you Zoe, but you're dead. It isn't right for me to use my dreams to spend more time with you anymore, because you're not real." So I left her behind with all our other stuff and flew my parents and I to safety.

We ended up passing through a shipyard, and then into a cafe. It was run by giants, and all the food was strangely-sized.

Other than that bit, it was a bit of emotionally upsetting dream. Homelessness, apocalypse, and my dead cat all in one. : /

Invisibility progression

I've mentioned before how I never succeed at being invisibly in dreams. Well, this has been rapidly improving lately, for whatever reason.

I almost ALWAYS have superpowers in my dreams, which have verbal and somatic components to activate. Shapeshifting is usually at-will and not entirely conscious; I just become things that I feel like at the moment. Sometimes I become different characters entirely, stepping in or out of their roles at various times.

Anyway, for example, lightning powers usually include me throwing my hands forward forcefully. Telekinesis include grasping motions. Flight is usually just wing flapping of course. Invisibility often has a chopping/wiping motion in front of my face, as if I'm erasing myself from view, while simultaneously saying, "Invisibility" or even a very obvious, "I can't be seen". Characters used to just ignore it when I did this. Sometimes they trick me into become visible again, by pretending I still am and making me repeat the incantation, undoing the effect.

Lately though, they've been reacting. By saying the command word, "Invisible", anyone nearby reacts to this -- it's hard to explain. It's as if they're playing along, but by doing so, it's a real effect to them. Either way, I really enjoy it. Invisibility is QUITE new in my dreams, and often grouped with flight and passing through walls, giving me total freedom of movement.

Spiked Sky; Carl from Up; Olivia Benson Sherlock

Once in a dream I grew wings and tried to fly. But the sky was dark and blocked by huge grates and fences of giant metal spikes, impeding me.


There were zombies. We were barricaded up in a huge man-made tunnel. Anime characters were present.


There was a poison fog virus that caused people to turn into monsters or zombies or both. Carl from Up was there and infected, and he looked strangely monkey-like because of it. He chased me down the street until I jumped into a car with my parents, and we drove off. I tried to get the car to fly, including tying balloons to it, like in Up, but it wasn't working right. I looked at my arms and legs and saw bleeding, painful scratches. I wanted to ask them what would happen if I were infected, but I was frozen in fear, staring at the wounds until I woke up.


In another dream, I was in a fancy New York apartment. It was dusk. I had an uncle, who was a male Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU, but who was also Sherlock. I suddenly realized I was dreaming, but that it was going to turn into a zombie nightmare, which is one of my least favorite kinds.

I went over to my uncle and said, "I need to ask you something..." He asked what. I said, "Can there please not be zombies?" Somehow, I believed that he was the puppeteer of this dream. He smiled gently and said he understood, as he knew I had become lucid, and he said there wouldn't be any zombies. I thanked and hugged him, telling him I loved him. (I sometimes hate dreams that give me fake friends/family members, because I feel quite emotionally connected to them, and summarily disappointed when I wake.)

I ended up at a party later on, and everything looked like a 16-bit video game. Then Pinkie Pie showed up.

Politics & Oppression

I was a politician in a seaside town. At one point I was debating women's rights with my opponent, who had been underhanded in his undermining of them, never openly opposed, so no one could call him on it. In the debate he looked huge and intimidating, but as I spoke, he became angry, and when I said that we all deserved equal treatment, he screamed red-faced at me, "SHUT UP!"

Upon exposing himself as an oppressor to the crowd, he shrank, diminishing to only a few inches tall, cowering before us. I said calmly, "Want to say that again?" Because I knew it was too late for him.

I woke up wishing it were that easy.


In a similar dream, there was a group of people who had no skills at all other than to use magic to shrink opponents down to a few inches tall. I demanded they undo their spells to allow us all a chance at equal debate, but they refused. I said they were just afraid of giving their opponents the leverage of equality. They said they had to shrink people to prevent them from using their OWN skills, and touted on about someone who owned farmland and used their labor skills to earn money. I mocked them in a whiny voice, saying, "Oh, wahh wahh, evil capitalists, I'm just angry at people for using their skills to make money because I don't have any skills of my own!"

I also woke up wishing it were so easy, if your opponents were so obvious in their efforts to cut people down by literally using magic to physically handicap them.


In a less obviously similar dream, but one which feels similar to me, there was some sort of government(maybe?) group that had captured many people/talking animals for some reason. I snuck into their huge building and then transformed into a tiger, going around bashing open cages to free the captured ones.

But eventually, I got lost in the building, and forgot why I was there. I just felt powerful and loved being a frightening tiger. Everyone fled before me, and I was soon bashing open glass cases with my huge paws just for the thrill of it. But I was becoming increasingly frustrated as I quicker forgot why I was there, and realized something was wrong, but I couldn't remember what anymore.

This was the first time I was a tiger in a dream, which is interesting.

Springer-Lansbury; Ice Dragons; Long-Winded Tales

There was a doppelganger who assumed the forms of its victims before attacking them. First it took on the form of Jerry Springer and killed him, then it went after Angela Lansbury while she was outside hanging laundry up to dry. We tried to warn her, but it was too late. We fled inside a huge mansion to stay safe. It acted on a principle like a vampire, unable to enter a house uninvited. Somehow we realized it might still gain roof access (?), so I turned into a blue dragon and flew straight up, breaking through the levels of the building until I got to the roof. I witnessed the doppelganger transforming into my friend Breon, andidn't let it in.

It tol
d me it didn't matter, because its new secret weapon was its own offspring, indicating a boy. Somehow I knew that the boy was just as evil andangerous and not limited by being invited inside, but I had to make sure. I asked the child if it intended to kill us, and he said yes, and that he would enjoy doing so. I said, "Good, then I won't feel as badoing this," and fell on him, attacking him with my teeth and claws.

I woke up feeling intensely 
disturbed by the fact I just tried to tear a kid to shreds (even if the "kid" was actually just an evil monster).


In one 
dream, I was flying around as a dragon in a huge grassy glade surrounded by woodland. My friends were there below, and a variety of dragons were coming to gather here. I thought, "These dragons look so scary andangerous. But they're actually good, and the royalty of their kind, come to represent their races and have a meeting." As I flew around, I was frustrated that no one was impressed with me, and I gave out bellowing roars that echoed all around the glade, making the people look up at me. Finally, I flew over the ice dragons, as they blew breaths of icy mist out into the air, forming rainbow, crystalline geysers that felt refreshingly cool to fly through.


Sometimes when I have a very restful sleep, I pretty much 
dream the entire time, so I get these 8-10 hour dreams. It's hard to remember all the detail (YOU try perfectly remembering 10 straight hours of any day), but here's one that I can recall:

It was a worl
d of acknowledged magic. However, the Catholic church hated magic for being ungodly. I tried to talk to a friend about their opinion of it, before just admitting I could use magic. Suddenly, representatives of the church swarmed me, but I grew wings and flew up to escape. The ceiling was made of stretched plastic, like product wrappings, white with images of disney characters printed on it. A live donalduck was standing on the next level. I kept tearing through, struggling to pierce the plastic and then pull myself up. Each level had less space between it and the next ceiling than the last, until I was struggling and unable to fly at all.

As it turned out, humans all had latent magical ability because we were descended from a magical Prince from space. I tried telling this to someone, but they were bored and told me I talked too much. I got frustrated and told them I thought our history was interesting and important to everyone. I stormed away. We were on a floating island neighborhood, and there was an SUV nearby with the back hatch open, and a tiny Pokemon female heroine (May? Dawn? I don't know) floating in front of it. She was made of cubes, like a Minecraft character.

I was 
down on the ground on a street sidewalk, walking away in anger. I passed by a raspberry bush and started picking and eating them, but sometimes they were blackberries, which I'm not fond of.

Then Tenzin from Avatar: Legen
d of Korra showed up to scold me for having a hissy fit, and I confided in him about feeling ignored and brushed off, like no one took my thoughts seriously. Then I was Redglare/Terezi from Homestuck and experiencing synesthesia; I looked at a spurting geyser of water and saw colors in response to the sound.

There was a huge beache
d ship, like a military ship made all of steel and straight lines. Kids used it as a hangout, setting up computers and tables and games inside. Zoe was there. Then someone crashed a car inside the ship and knocked over my computer, ruining it. I was angry, but then I found out one of the children was missing.

This was definitely one of the more discombobulatedreams I've had. Usually there's at least SOME sort of cohesive narrative...

I'm the Leader

We were safe. Relatively secure — nothing of obvious danger ever got close enough. Sealed tight. Underground, uncontaminated. We had enough food. We’d last it out. Maybe.

But the problem with lighting a beacon and throwing the doors open is everyone comes, everyone, safe or not.

I had to start keeping tabs, keeping track, asking questions I knew they’d lie about anyway. Not one living being who came through that door could I afford not to know.

At some point, a good third of us I no longer recognized and that disturbed me, because when you see one face sallow and pale with the first symptoms you start to wonder how many faces you -haven’t- seen bear the same signs, and how advanced they are, and how willing they are to cooperate with the grim necessity of their condition.

At that point, I started keeping the ledgers, the rosters, the role calls. I tracked the rations and the occupants. I checked the fortifications. At that point people started to see an authority in me, when all I wanted was to make sure the sub didn’t have any leaks. Maybe not on their tongues but in their minds was “leader” attached to my name, because I was willing to do the paperwork like a time-lost secretary unaware of the chaos come upon us.

I was willing to do anything to keep us safe.


She has dirty blonde hair in a messy ponytail and a denim jacket on and she keeps fiddling with the hemline, the button, a stray strand of hair. She doesn’t look right at me, always off to the side. She’s too pale, and she sweats too much.


“Hey,” I say brightly, clapping her on the arm in a way to ease her, make it less obvious I’m interrogating her to see how swiftly I need to assign a bullet straight to her skull — a when, not an if. “How’re you feeling?”

“I’m good,” she says in a weird tone, low and dry.

“Any chills or fever lately?”

“No, I’m fine,” she lies like I knew she would.

I let her go and look out over all the other faces in the next room, milling about. Sharing food.

I think quickly: are the rations compromised? Who’s touched what or whom? Anyone kissed or had sex?

But I can’t possibly know any of this, and I know no one’s going to be honest where it truly matters, because the greedy, stupid fuckers will endanger us all just to cling to life a few days longer. Why do they always have to be as dumb as they are in the movies? Can’t anyone just say, “Do what you must,” and accept it with some dignity?

I cannot ask, for they will lie. I can inform, and the smart ones will stay safe with my advice. I’m already outlining a conference in my head. I’ll call a meeting. I’ll tell them what to do and what not to do. What to recognize, whom to avoid.

They’ll see the darting eyes, fidgeting fingers, sweating faces, and -know-.

And once they know, they will allow me to begin the purge.

I’m the leader. I do what I must to keep us all safe.

Future Son; Sickness; Dinosaurs Galore

I dreamed that my adult son from the future came back in time to visit me. It was very touching, but then really weird after I woke up, since I don't have children...


I don't remember anything about this dream except suddenly vomiting a lot. : /


I had a bunch of really awesome dinosaur toys that I was playing with.


I was flying around as a phoenix at dusk, and then someone I knew was kidnapped into hell, so I turned into a velociraptor to rescue them. Hell was a highly bureaucratic place with a massive elevator to go through all the 30some levels. Somehow they got my paperwork mixed up at the front desk and I ended up with the wrong name tag and sent to the very bottom level. The elevator ascended, and they refused to retrieve me based on the error, so I had to use my powerful raptor claws and jaws to climb my way back up.


I had a lengthy epic dream about a sci-fi/fantasy world set in a city that was built like a wheel, made of concentric rings of rivers around the central building. Everything was very brightly colored, and little wooden bridges were over all the creeks. The prince of the city had wings and magic powers, but was supposed to hide them so no one would know. He had a girlfriend named Rose.

Then one sunny day, the sky darkened with heavy, dense clouds everywhere! Then giant eyes appeared in the clouds, shining down beams of white light. The prince flew away to escape and hid in the forest to avoid capture. As the lights moved over the city, he remembered his girlfriend was there, but he decided he had no chance of saving her anyway, so he stayed put.

Meanwhile, as she hid under a bridge while a T. rex stomped by, she tried to call the Prince's cell phone. To keep the ringing and light from giving away his location, he shut his phone off. Rose was then captured.

The Prince attempted to rescue her later, by venturing into a waterlogged cavern and fighting off the elemental monsters there with his sword. However, one of them was made of stone and immune to damage, and taunted the Prince before knocking him into the water. The monster put its hand on his forehead and branded him painfully with a rune that disabled all his powers.

Meanwhile, Rose was held captive by the aliens, who had put her in linen rags like the other slaves. Their HQ was stationed in an active volcano, where they had supposedly discovered a great source of power, but they had to "feed" people and powerful artifacts to it. Seeing Rose's fear, they assured her they wouldn't kill her, for they had a better use for her.

Miss Frizzle; Slenderman; Foxfire

I just remember a dream with Ms. Frizzle in it. I don't remember anything else.


I was at a Renaissance Faire, but the only thing I bought was bread with cheese melted all over it, and it was delicious.

Then I was at home, and the Slenderman showed up, so I freaked out and woke myself up.


In another Ren Faire one, my character Harziyax went there in human form to... mess with people? I dunno.


In ANOTHER, I went to the Ren Faire via flying carpet. An interesting subversion on my usual flying dreams by using an external device, as usually my flight is self-powered by wings or telekinesis.


In another dream, it took place right after I quit my job at the theater. I went to a metal scrap yard to get work, and found out they used to do business with my boss, but he had never paid them and/or he did something else illegal. I was excited and vindicated, saying, "I have some dirt on my boss! Awesome!"

Then I was playing Team Fortress 2, but using cheats to become invisible, fly, go through walls, and use every weapon. Unfortunately, the latter caused everyone ELSE to access every weapon too, and suddenly there were Medics and Engineers wielding miniguns and rocket launchers.

Then I was out in a field, at night, with the light of dawn distantly glowing over the far horizon. It was a lightly wooded area with some underbrush and tall grasses. As I hovered a few yards over the ground, I saw a trail of small blue lights in the grass. I followed them, and they led through dark, spooky places. I balked at first, before telling myself, "It will only become a nightmare if I allow myself to feel afraid."


I was my character old Mrow Sha in another dream. She's a catgirl and in some incarnations she's had wings and psychic powers. In this one, I was flying back and forth through a forest, trying to escape government agents trying to capture me. I used lightning powers to fend them off.


As in the anime.


In one, I was flirting relentlessly with Zuko. Then I turned into a dragon and flew around a forest and landed on top of buildings. I found a corpse stuffed inside an old log in the woods.


In another, Katara was present, and for some reason my character Timber was the avatar, I think? But instead of using the elements, he just had his normal healing powers. So he wasn't, really.

There was a really pretty white house built over a waterfall.


In another, Asami had dyed one streak of her hair bright pink.

A Bunch of Warcraft

I dream about WoW a lot, so sue me.


In one, first I was playing the Pirates Constructible Strategy Game with my friend/old boss, Jeff, and my D&D player Tyler. At one point I wanted to place a marker to show the border between land and sea, using things like a poker chip or a paper clip, but they told me it was disapproved of in the game, and I felt disheartened.

Later, I was playing World of Warcraft, and a bunch of people I knew, playing trolls, were stuck in Stranglethorn being attacked by some powerful monster. I had to rush to save them, but I couldn't use my own character, I had to use a premade creature. I chose a windscraper (like a winged snake thing) with healing powers and flew there as quickly as I could. I saw their health dropping on my Grid addon, which for some reason wasn't configured properly, so when they died, their health bar vanished completely as if they weren't even there. I got there in time to save them.

Then I was in a movie theater entering from the high back door. I was supposed to be spying on someone, but it was too crowded, and then an angry mother turned to yell at me.

Then suddenly I was sitting with a friend, eating delicious scrambled eggs out of a bowl.


In another dream, that was vaguely WoW- and Final Fantasy-inspired, I was flying around as a dragon at dusk. There were evil cultists around everywhere, with siege engines. I roosted on top of high rocky pillars to stay out of sight. Then I was flying around and the area looked like a supermarket fresh produce aisle, shelves full of lava and the enemies as small as the fruit.

There was a Final Fantasy sort of airship, which was also sometimes an elevator down into a dark cavern, but I couldn't repair or pilot it.


Another I only vaguely remember was set in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I was in a beautiful wintery forest at night, gazing through the tunnel of tree branches at the stars and snowfall. I was on a mountain and could see a very long ways.


In another WotLK-based dream, I was in the Lich King's fortress, which wasn't a Citadel but an icy cavern. His father was there, but I can't remember much else.